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The All-New Honda Fit – Bigger and Better

2009 Honda Fit Image

2009 Honda Fit Image

The Honda Fit has been a success for Honda, especially considering it arrived at the perfect time. With rising costs for drivers, consumer demand has shifted dramatically to smaller and more fuel efficient cars. The Fit offered buyers both high fuel efficiency, and a unique fun-to-drive attitude. With the latest redesign, the new 2009 Honda Fit has been updated and is not bigger and sportier than the outgoing Fit.

Honda has increased the Fit’s proportions in nearly every direction, making it longer and wider. The largest benefit to its new dimensions is the larger interior space, with the passenger room and cargo space. The new Fit is poised to maintain a competitive and popular model for Honda as buyers are looking for a vehicle that’s small on the outside and larger on the inside, which based on shoppers at Macon Used Honda is exactly what the 2009 Honda Fit delivers.

The 2009 Honda Fit is available in three trim models, including a base model, Sport, and Sport Navi. The latest model also features a new 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine that delivers 117 horsepower and 106 lb ft of torque. The engine is mated to a five-speed manual or a five-speed automatic transmission. Fuel economy with the manual transmission is 27 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway, with 28 mpg city and 35 mpg highway for the automatic.

With its new dimensions, the new 2009 Honda Fit boasts plenty of interior space, with 90.8 cubic ft of passenger room, which has been a huge concern among New Haven Honda buyers. Cargo volume in the rear with the seats folded down is also up to 57.3 cubic ft compared with the outgoing model’s 41.9 cubic ft.

The unique architecture of the Honda Fit also adds greater visibility and safety. Safety features include active head restraints for the driver and front passenger. In addition, the new Fit also features a new satellite navigation system and a stability assist system.

Honda’s Fit should appeal to a unique range of customers says Louisiana Honda Dealers. First, there are a number of buyers looking to downsize, and affordability and efficiency are their main concerns. In addition, there’s a younger generation of buyers that are looking for something affordable but with a distinctive character. For both sets of buyers, the Honda Fit shouldn’t disappoint.

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The Honda Ridgeline Gets a Little Better

2009 Honda Ridgeline Image

2009 Honda Ridgeline Image

The Honda Ridgeline has certainly been in a standout model within the Honda lineup, and even within its segment. First introduced in 2005, the Honda Ridgeline was a Honda’s interpretation of a full-size truck - and a unique interpretation it was. Many saw the Ridgeline as less of a truck, and more like a crossover with a bed, and realistically, that’s exactly what it was.

Now for 2009, the Honda Ridgeline has received an update, with a reported 50 changes for the truck. From the outside, truck shoppers will certainly notice an updated front fascia, grille, and rear end. These changes share the same styling cues seen on the all-new Honda Pilot crossover as well. The dimensions of the updated Ridgeline remain nearly the same.

Changes carry over into the Ridgeline’s cabin as well. The steering wheel, instrument panel, and switchgear have all been updated.

Powering the Honda pickup is the familiar 3.5 liter V6 engine, unchanged from the previous year. The engine is mated to a five-speed automatic transmission and offers the added traction of a four-wheel drive powertrain. The engine has received minor tweaks, including new camshafts, larger intake valves, and new dual-stage intake manifold, which all contribute to the engine’s slight power increase from 247 to 250 horsepower, and from 241 lb-ft to 245 lb-ft. Although these changes are slight, they reportedly come with a broader low-end torque curve that adds to the Ridgeline’s hauling capabilities. Another carry-over from the previous year is the Ridgeline’s EPA fuel ratings, 15 mpg in city driving and 20 mpg on the highway – not bad for a full-size pickup! Many consumers shopping at Honda Texarkana have been drawn to the Ridgeline as it offers full-size truck capabilities without sacrificing relative efficienty or Honda reliability. Interestingly, as domestic truck dealers struggle to move inventory, Louisiana Honda dealer lots are having less trouble moving Ridgelines.

The new Honda Ridgeline also receives equipment changes. Now standard on all models is a standard trailer hitch, daytime running lights, and additional tie-downs in the bed. The top-of-the-line models also receive 18-inch wheels, Bluetooth functionality, a rearview camera, and power lumbar support.

Pricing for 2009 Honda Ridgeline should begin at around $29,000 and will be available in dealer showrooms in September.

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Honda’s Creative Streak

Creativity goes a long way when it comes to automotive advertising, and Honda is not averse to producing truly distinctive marketing and advertising campaigns. Although Honda vehicles are often conservative in styling and even performance, their vehicles are among the best built in the world and are increasingly offering advanced technology that produce stunning results in comfort, safety, and efficiency. That being said, even with some models that border on boring, Honda still manages to have personality.

An example of Honda’s unique and varied advertising direction is the selection of ads below. The first of which is perhaps one of the automaker’s most famous commercials. Reportedly the commercial is done without computer graphics and required 606 takes to produce. In addition, the commercial is fairly long at two minutes in length and aired only in the UK as it depicts the European-spec Accord.

But North American drivers have seen their fair share of Honda ads as well. The Honda “Element and Friends” commercials were a great example of the unique character embodied by the Element crossover, and has appealed to a specific demographic who fell in love with the diverse personalities and characters. Even at Charlotte Honda dealers, new drivers were drawn to the Honda Element following this series of commercials, which were combined with billboards and radio ads.

Among the latest Honda commercials to hit the airwaves is the “Water Fight” ad introducing the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle. This commercial is a great example of Honda’s commitment to being at the forefront of developing environmentally friendly auto technology. Although the FCX will only be available for lease in Los Angeles, other regions around the country are eagerly anticipating this eco-friendly vehicle including Shreveport Honda who has seen a steady demand for hybrid models.

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Honda Freed Coming Soon?

Honda Freed

Honda Freed

Honda is sitting comfortably these days. With their lineup of fuel efficient vehicles, especially their hybrids, Honda’s small cars are increasingly popular. Among the popular vehicles is the Honda Fit, a subcompact hatchback that Honda as positioned against Scion and others competing in the youth market. Honda’s most recent small car is a minivan-like vehicle that is based on the Honda Fit.

Unveiled in Japan, the Honda Freed is capable of carrying five, seven, or eight passengers. What’s unusual about the Freed is that it’s able to carry as many as eight passengers but is in a relatively small and fuel efficient package and that still has ample cargo capacity. Like a mini van, the Honda Freed has sliding rear door that provides easy access to the multiple rows of seating.

The Japanese version of the Honda Freed will have the options of either front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, and is powered by a 1.5 liter four cylinder engine that provides 120 horsepower. Although many new car shopper are drawn to the Accord and Pilot at Honda Longview Texas as American buyers simply crave more power, few vehicles are likely to provide the amount of passenger carrying capability with such strong fuel efficiency.

It is currently unclear whether or not the Honda Freed will make it to the U.S. market. Right now, more buyers are looking for smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles at Honda Woodbridge VA, and the Freed will be a great choice for buyers wanting to get ample SUV-like cargo capabilities with the efficiency of a small car.

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Honda’s Design Direction

Honda Pilot Design

Honda Pilot Design

The new Honda Pilot’s design is all about functionality. Features that were recently revealed show that the all-new Honda SUV is bigger, with more versatility, and even more power and better fuel efficiency than before. But the Pilot could also be an indication of the design path that Honda is taking.

With the 2009 Pilot, Honda went for a design scheme that is some conservative while certainly make the Pilot look a little more SUV-like than its predecessor. In addition, other Honda vehicles have also stayed conservative in terms of design, while competing models from Nissan and Toyota have been getting curvier and sportier. The new Accord is one example. Although it’s handsome, it’s a stark contrast to the new Nissan Altima for example.

Style does seem to count when it comes to auto sales despite Honda’s simple corporate design pattern. A perfect example is the new Chevrolet Malibu which had a much improved midsize sedan that has invigorated sales that previously have slumped. Even in the premium segment however, where Louisiana Honda dealers have noted that buyers are often aggressively searching for more stylish vehicles, Acura vehicles like the all-new TL sedan have also been styled very conservatively. That being said, the new TL and MDX are more aggressive than the models they replace, even though they may not be more stylish than some of their competitors. Another point of view, commonly found among Used Cars Elizabethtown shoppers, is that the conservative design of Honda models simply age better over time than other models.

The conservative designs that the Honda has pursued with recent vehicles may turn off some buyers that want a vehicle that stands out more from the competition when it comes to looks, but many buyers including those at Honda Louisville Kentucky like the timeless styling cues. However, Honda has always provided more substance with style and buyers are well aware of Honda’s renowned build quality says Honda Service Shreveport where most Honda buyers come simply for routine maintenance. With buyers still flocking to Honda dealers to get their hands of versatile reliable vehicles that hold their value better than most vehicles, the formula seems to be working well for Honda.

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