California Car Pool Lanes Open Up To Natural Gas Civic

by Honda in the News on July 12, 2011

Honda Civic Natural Gas image

California drivers of the current Civic GX compressed natural gas (CNG) – powered Civic and all-new 2012 Civic Natural Gas need not worry about the expiring High Occupancy Vehicle stickers. According to
Washington DC Honda Dealers, these natural gas-powered vehicles will be able to use HOV lanes until January 2015, while drivers of other high mileage vehicles — such as the Toyota Prius, Honda Insight and Honda Civic Hybrid — now must use “regular” lanes on California’s highways when riding alone.

According to Honda Houston, Honda is the only automaker currently selling in the United States a dedicated CNG-powered light duty vehicle designed and manufactured for retail sale. The Civic GX had been available in select states, but the all-new Civic Natural Gas will be available in all 50 states. Its ultra low emissions powertrain makes it qualify for White Clean Air Vehicle decals, which are available in an unlimited quantity. Yellow Clean Air Vehicle decals for hybrid vehicles expired on July 1, 2011.

The new Civic Natural Gas (previously known as the Civic GX) has a Honda-estimated city/highway/combined fuel economy rating of 27/38/31 miles per gallon (gasoline-gallon equivalent). According to Wilsonville Honda Dealerships, that’s a 12.5 percent improvement over the 2011 Civic GX. The Civic Natural gas also features Honda’s ECO Assist technology, an innovation that can enhance efficient vehicle operation at the touch of a button while also providing visual feedback to promote an efficient driving style.

“Civic GX drivers in California have long enjoyed the benefits of driving a compressed natural gas vehicle, whether it was saving time commuting in the carpool lane, paying lower fuel prices, reducing dependence on oil or reducing their CO2 footprint,” said Elmer Hardy, senior manager of alternative fuel marketing at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “With the all-new model coming this fall, drivers will continue to earn these benefits along with additional commuter-friendly features.”

Interested customers in the new 2012 Civic Natural Gas are encouraged to visit Honda Dealers In CT or their local qualified Honda Natural Gas dealer.

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