CR-Z Hybrid to Hit the Track

by Honda in the News on February 10, 2012

CR-Z Racing

In a world where green and performance in the automotive world automatically links back to Tesla, Honda is making a case for their CR-Z fitting the bill and have been since 2010 when the unusual car launched. Now, according to Used Honda Edmonton, they’re stepping it up with a version to drive more exposure with a CR-Z that will compete in the Japanese Super GT race series.

“Honda will start competition with a CR-Z equipped with a racing hybrid system, supporting the racing activities of Team Mugen through a joint project with M-TEC Co., Ltd.,” the company said in a release.

A College Station Honda Dealer said they are attempting to make the converted vehicle as stock as possible, maintaining the same drive-train configuration and keeping it as a front-wheel drive vehicle that will compete against the purpose-built competitors on the market.

“Hybrids aren’t normally associated with performance,” said a representative of Honda Dealership Washington DC. “That’s been the challenge so far. People think gas OR electric when they think performance, not hybrids. I hope they can make a splash on the race scene.”

Time will tell, but it’s an aggressive move. If it’s successful, the risks they took with putting out the vehicle in the first place may pay off.

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