Honda Fit Takes The Crown From The Toyota Prius

by Honda in the News on February 4, 2011

Honda Fit image

According to Honda Dealer College Park, for 19 months straight, the Toyota Prius has been the best-selling vehicle in Japan. But, according to the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, that title now belongs to the Honda Fit.

In January, Honda sold 14,873 Fit compacts in Japan, with Toyota selling just 13,711 Prius hybrids. Japanese car buyers had been taking advantage of government incentives, which were introduced to boost the sales of fuel-efficient cars. But when those incentives expired in September, the remodeled Fit became a serious challenger to the Prius’ supremacy — especially since the new Fit also has a hybrid version.

“I don’t know (if the reason is because) our sales grew or the Prius sales dropped. But I don’t really mind,” said Takanobu Ito, Honda President, speaking at a press event. “Well, it is better to be the No.1, though.”

Honda Dealership Manchester said this has been good news for Honda, which recently reported a drop in profit last quarter due to falling auto demand in Japan in the absence of government aid.

Used Cars Dallas TX said that Toyota will soon be fighting back with a new small car to battle the Fit. Last month, Toyota unveiled the redesigned Vitz, which is known as the Yaris here in the U.S. The Vitz is Toyota’s biggest-volume model after the Prius and could pose yet another challenge for Honda.

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