Honda Sees Opportunities With Hydrogen

by Honda in the News on January 3, 2011

Honda FCX Clarity image

The Honda FCX Clarity is a vehicle that’s available on a very limited retail basis, but it embodies years of research and development. The FCX Clarity is a sleek hydrogen fuel cell-electric sedan and it gives a glimpse into Honda’s future zero-emission lineup.

The folks at Car Dealers In Colorado Springs told us that the FCX Clarity delivers fuel efficiency that is three times that of a modern gasoline-powered car, and its only emission is water. Unlike the bulky battery packs used in hybrid vehicles, the Honda V Flow Fuel Cell Stack is compact and allows for ample spaciousness inside. The small size of the cell stack also gave Honda more flexibility in designing this futuristic looking vehicle.

Having been available for more than two years, the Honda FCX Clarity program is the world’s first large-scale retail initiative for fuel cell electric vehicle technology. Customers of dealers like Sierra Madre Honda pay $600 per month for three years to lease the FCX Clarity. The FCX clarity isn’t available at pre-owned Honda dealers. Fredericksburg dealers and dealers in other areas may one day offer this technology.

While there’s been ample buzz about all-electric vehicles and extended-range EVs lately, Honda has been refining its advanced technologies around the world. In addition to leasing the FCX Clarity, Honda has also begun operation of its the Honda Solar Hydrogen Station in Los Angeles, a next-generation solar hydrogen station prototype. The system may ultimately be found in homes where consumers can refuel a fuel cell electric vehicle overnight.

Although Honda will continue to research hydrogen cars, the adoption of such technology will be dependent on adequate infrastructure. In California, where the FCX Clarity is operating, there are only about 30 hydrogen filling stations serving cars like the Clarity. That’s still far off from the 150 stations that were supposed to have been built by this year.

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