Honda Supports White House Fuel Economy Plan

by Honda in the News on August 2, 2011

2011 Honda FCX Clarity image

Last week, the Obama Administration unveiled its proposed national fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards for Model Years 2017-2025 cars and light-duty trucks. According to Colorado Honda Dealers, Honda was among several other automakers supporting the White House’s ambitious new standards.

“Honda has long been a leader in, and advocate for, reducing petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,” said John Mendel, American Honda Executive Vice President of Sales. “Honda embraces this new challenge and we welcome the competition we will have with other automakers that will result from these new standards, because it will benefit both our customers and the health of the planet.”

The plan will boost fuel efficiency requirements for automakers to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. Although Honda and other automakers have endorsed the plan, Honda Spring said some details are still being worked out.

Maryland Honda Dealer said the new plan calls for hiking fuel efficiency for light trucks 3.5 percent annually from 2017-21 — and then by 5 percent from 2022-25. The plan would hike car efficiency 5 percent annually over the period. The plan would also make special rules for vehicles deemed “work trucks,” or those that are heavier light duty vehicles used for construction.

Mendel added, “Honda is proud to have actively participated in the Administration’s efforts to extend the single national standards to the 2017-2025 period.  In this regard, we also appreciate the State of California’s decision to harmonize its regulations with the federal initiatives.”

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