Honda Tops Consumer Reports’ Reliability Study

by Honda in the News on March 1, 2011

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Honda vehicles are known for their reliability, and that reputation remains untarnished in the latest testing by Consumer Reports. The folks at Car Dealers In CT told us Honda averaged the highest score in the publication’s recent reliability rankings.

Following in a close second on the reliability list was Subaru, which averaged just one point less than Honda. Although Subaru is closing the gap, Honda, CT is confident that its reputation will continue.

“I don’t think there is a decrease in Honda’s quality,” said Chris Martin, a Honda spokesman. “I think what they’re saying is that compared to others, we aren’t as far ahead as we once were.”

Consumer Reports suggests that there’s plenty to be optimistic about. The close rankings show that all automakers are improving when it comes to reliability.

Used Honda Maryland explained that this year, Consumer Reports updated their methods for rating reliability, which makes it harder to compare this year’s numbers with rankings from last year. For the complete rankings, see the list below.

Top Reliability for 2011

Consumer Reports tested nearly every model of the following brands, with scores based 50 percent on reliability and 50 percent on road tests. The average scores are below out of a possible 100:

Honda: 74

Subaru: 73

Toyota: 71

Volvo: 68

Ford: 67

Hyundai: 66

Mazda: 65

Nissan: 65*

Volkswagen 63

Mercedes: 57

BMW: 57*

General Motors: 56

Chrysler: 43

* Automaker is a fraction

of a point less than the

one above it.

Source: Consumer Reports

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