Intersection Magazine Creates Special Edition Honda CR-Z

by Honda in the News on September 28, 2011

Honda CR-Z Intersection image

Rarely do automotive magazines get involved with making cars. Instead, magazines simply report on new cars without any influence on a car’s design. But Intersection magazine managed to collaborate with Honda on its own unique CR-Z hybrid.

Intersection is a unusual magazine that appeals just as much (if not more) to fashion aficionados as to gearheads. So naturally, when the folks at the magazine had the opportunity to create a special edition CR-Z, it wasn’t a surprise to see a very fashionable rendition of the car. Honda Civic AZ agrees.

The Intersection CR-Z features a matte beige exterior paint job with bold orange steel wheels riding on matching orange tires. According to Honda Dealer Washington DC, The vehicle was unveiled by at the Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt in Paris recently and Honda France is reportedly considering selling a limited run of these vehicles.

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