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Honda Bets Big on Fuel Cell Technology

Nissan and General Motors both made headlines this week, touting the efficiency of their upcoming electric cars. But some automakers are banking on other technologies aside from EVs.

Honda is one such automaker that is rapidly developing eco-friendly alternatives to all-electric power. Fuel cells are Honda’s preferred method to making zero-emission vehicles a reality. The automaker has already built the Clarity FCX, a vehicle that is currently available to some Southern California drivers. According to one California Honda dealer, these drivers can lease a Clarity FCX for about $600 per month.

Fuel cells are nothing new. In fact, the auto industry as a whole was at one time infatuated with fuel cell technology says one Los Angeles used car dealer, and automakers from Mercedes-Benz to BMW to GM were actively dumping resources into fuel cell research. But with the success of hybrid technology came a greater interest in EVs.

The overwhelming obstacle for fuel cell adoption is the lack of an infrastructure. Fuel cell vehicles like the Honda Clarity FCX require hydrogen fueling stations, but without such fueling stations in place, Longview Honda dealers warn consumers will have no desire to head to showrooms.

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both zero-emissions approaches. While the risks of hydrogen fuel are consistently pointed by critics, EVs are powered with Lithium batteries which also create an environmental impact. Regardless, Santa Maria car dealers admit that both of these so-called clean technologies pose unique threats to the environment.

While some have taken the EV approach, Honda is one of the fuel automakers banking on fuel cell technology. However, committing to fuel cells requires betting on the infrastructure to supply them, which certainly won’t happen over. Continue reading ‘Honda Bets Big on Fuel Cell Technology’