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Honda’s Creative Streak

Creativity goes a long way when it comes to automotive advertising, and Honda is not averse to producing truly distinctive marketing and advertising campaigns. Although Honda vehicles are often conservative in styling and even performance, their vehicles are among the best built in the world and are increasingly offering advanced technology that produce stunning results in comfort, safety, and efficiency. That being said, even with some models that border on boring, Honda still manages to have personality.

An example of Honda’s unique and varied advertising direction is the selection of ads below. The first of which is perhaps one of the automaker’s most famous commercials. Reportedly the commercial is done without computer graphics and required 606 takes to produce. In addition, the commercial is fairly long at two minutes in length and aired only in the UK as it depicts the European-spec Accord.

But North American drivers have seen their fair share of Honda ads as well. The Honda “Element and Friends” commercials were a great example of the unique character embodied by the Element crossover, and has appealed to a specific demographic who fell in love with the diverse personalities and characters. Even at Charlotte Honda dealers, new drivers were drawn to the Honda Element following this series of commercials, which were combined with billboards and radio ads.

Among the latest Honda commercials to hit the airwaves is the “Water Fight” ad introducing the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle. This commercial is a great example of Honda’s commitment to being at the forefront of developing environmentally friendly auto technology. Although the FCX will only be available for lease in Los Angeles, other regions around the country are eagerly anticipating this eco-friendly vehicle including Shreveport Honda who has seen a steady demand for hybrid models.

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