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Honda Insight is Frugal, But in a Good Way

2010 Honda Insight Hybrid sales have been down overall, along with auto sales in general. This may be surprising to some, as many consumers are increasingly frugal and conscious of fuel economy, thanks to a weakened economy and the sky-high gas prices of last summer. But with gas prices now back down to relatively normal levels, consumers have questioned whether a hybrid is worth the premium cost. With this in mind, Honda has unveiled its latest hybrid, the Insight, which may be ideal for consumers considering base price above fuel economy ratings.

Overall value is a huge concern among those considering a hybrid, which Honda has noticed. For over $23,000 someone can get their hands on a Toyota Prius. While the Prius remains the hybrid segment leader at the moment, is a$23K+ price tag really the answer for someone looking to save money? Honda decided to take a different approach with the new Insight, offering a hybrid that delivers fuel economy, along with a more competitive base price.

Like most hybrids, the Honda Insight comes with unique technologies, particularly when it comes to the interior gauges. For example, the digital speedometer changes color to indicate relative efficiency, rather than having an efficiency meter elsewhere. When cruising and efficiency is high, the speedometer is green. When accelerating, the speedometer turns blue. Those determined to achieve the best fuel economy possible will rejoice, such as shoppers at Honda Philadelphia dealers, as the Insight tracks your lifetime fuel economy. Do well, and your score goes up - just don’t let your lead-footed friends drive you car or your score could be lowered!

2010 Honda Insight rearFor those drivers that can’t help be too eager with the throttle, Honda Pennsylvania has indicated that the Honda Insight features an Econ button that helps out. Pressing the button will turn on the throttle-by-wire system rather than the traditional cable system. That means the throttle response will become a bit more sluggish, helping drivers achieve even greater efficiency.  Mated to a continuously variable transmission, the Honda Insight’s acceleration is smooth without the traditional gear shifting. The transmission also further helps improve fuel economy.

Although the display in front of the driver may be attractive to the eyes, don’t expect too much when climbing into the Honda Insight’s interior. One Pittsburgh Honda dealer notes that the goal of the Insight is to keep costs down, and the spartan interior accommodations are proof of that objective. Space is also on par with that of the subcompact Honda Fit, which is a good thing says Honda Jackson customers that are deciding between the two vehicles. The Insight should be comfortable for most buyers, but six footers in the rear seat may suffer. That being said, driver and passengers will discover that the seats aren’t the most supportive when it comes to longer trips.

Honda Insight engineDespite its lack of certain luxuries, Milledgeville Honda believes the Honda Insight is ideal for many buyers. If your goal is to have a high-quality, fuel efficienct, reliable car without the premium costs associated with most hybrids, the Honda Insight may be the perfect car for your needs.

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Honda Adding Hybrids and Diesels

With high gas prices and sliding overall auto sales, many automakers are struggling just to keep their heads above water. However, Honda has managed to squeeze out sales gains in recent months while others only seem to be losing ground. The key to success says Salinas CA Honda is offering fresh, fuel-efficient models and hybrids. Following this same formula, Honda now plans to up the ante by introducing more compact and green vehicles.

One of the vehicles Honda dealers such as Honda Denver were eagerly awaiting is the all-new Honda Fit. The five door hatchback is a hot commodity right now for its youthful design and extreme fuel efficiency, and the new redesigned model should only encourage demand – especially the Fit hybrid which is estimated to cost below $20K and should be available at Honda Washington DC dealers and others by early 2009.

In addition, the Honda CR-Z hybrid is also due to make its way to showrooms by 2010. The model will make its appearance just before the redesigned Civic and Civic Hybrid. Plus, Accord buyers will soon have the option of a diesel engine which should offer drivers high miles per gallon to battle potentially sky-high prices at the pump in the future.

Aside from compacts and hybrids, other Honda models don’t have concrete plans. The fate of the S2000 roadster, which Louisville Honda Dealers have seen dismal sales recently, is still unclear, and the recently-released Honda Pilot has already faced production cuts. The redesigned Honda Element is due in 2010 along with the Odyssey and all-new Stream minivans.

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