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Honda’s Design Direction

Honda Pilot Design

Honda Pilot Design

The new Honda Pilot’s design is all about functionality. Features that were recently revealed show that the all-new Honda SUV is bigger, with more versatility, and even more power and better fuel efficiency than before. But the Pilot could also be an indication of the design path that Honda is taking.

With the 2009 Pilot, Honda went for a design scheme that is some conservative while certainly make the Pilot look a little more SUV-like than its predecessor. In addition, other Honda vehicles have also stayed conservative in terms of design, while competing models from Nissan and Toyota have been getting curvier and sportier. The new Accord is one example. Although it’s handsome, it’s a stark contrast to the new Nissan Altima for example.

Style does seem to count when it comes to auto sales despite Honda’s simple corporate design pattern. A perfect example is the new Chevrolet Malibu which had a much improved midsize sedan that has invigorated sales that previously have slumped. Even in the premium segment however, where Louisiana Honda dealers have noted that buyers are often aggressively searching for more stylish vehicles, Acura vehicles like the all-new TL sedan have also been styled very conservatively. That being said, the new TL and MDX are more aggressive than the models they replace, even though they may not be more stylish than some of their competitors. Another point of view, commonly found among Used Cars Elizabethtown shoppers, is that the conservative design of Honda models simply age better over time than other models.

The conservative designs that the Honda has pursued with recent vehicles may turn off some buyers that want a vehicle that stands out more from the competition when it comes to looks, but many buyers including those at Honda Louisville Kentucky like the timeless styling cues. However, Honda has always provided more substance with style and buyers are well aware of Honda’s renowned build quality says Honda Service Shreveport where most Honda buyers come simply for routine maintenance. With buyers still flocking to Honda dealers to get their hands of versatile reliable vehicles that hold their value better than most vehicles, the formula seems to be working well for Honda.

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